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Ever wondered how we all have the same amount of hours in a day, but some people tend to accomplish a lot more than you can?

Being productive doesn’t come naturally to most of us. We constantly say there is not enough time to do everything so we need good structures to keep us on track. We don’t have enough time to start that business we’ve always wanted, go to the gym across the street or volunteer. Trust me, we’ve all been there.

When do we get to work on “our dreams” when work or family keep us occupied? We have to make the time.

Here are 5 ideas on how you can find time to work on the things that have been nagging at your soul.


1. Be productive.

Apply the 80/20 rule. Better known as the Pareto Principle.

The idea behind the 80/20 rule is that you only need to put in 20% of your efforts in order to achieve 80% of the outcome. If we put our time and energy into adding real value, we can accomplish a lot more than we are used to.

Maximise your time.


2. Determine when you are most productive.

Once you have figured out your most productive hours in the day, it becomes easier to perform at your peak.

Some people find it most productive to work in the break of dawn while others prefer to work past midnight. Figure out when you are most productive and what works for you. Schedule the most important tasks for when your energy levels are high and all your other personal activities can follow.

Those 30 minutes you would spend on Instagram could be spent on more productive things. Leverage your time.


3. Set Priorities.

This is the essential component in time management. You need to think about what is important first.

If you aren’t sure what to focus on, create a to-do list (Schedule) with value addition tasks first and all the other daily activities that are not goal oriented will follow.

“Begin with the end in mind” Draw a timeline for your schedule and stick to it. This helps you figure out the steps to take to achieve your end goal.

Start with prioritising 5 items per week and watch your productivity levels transform.


4. “Cut it”

As young people, we tend to think that we are superhumans who can do it all. But if we are fully honest with ourselves, it’s not very efficient. We want to maintain that 4.0GPA but we also want to have an active social life while getting more than 8 hours of sleep. Not very realistic is it?

Sometimes its best to a take step back and realise that we spend too much time with people who add very little value to our lives, doing things of no significance. Cut them all out of your life and keep the most valuable (Quality over quantity). Focus! You know your goal.


5. Have some “me” time and reward yourself.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean procrastinate. But you won’t be doing yourself any good if you don’t take a step back to relax and recuperate. Understand that in order to be productive, you have to live a balanced life. Yes, balanced. Meaning not too much of one thing.

Once you complete a task successfully be sure to reward yourself. Relax and enjoy the joys of life.



So grow your business, work on your personal development. Use your energy on value addition tasks and you will finally have the time go to that new gym, volunteer at that children’s centre you’ve always wanted to. Enjoy

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Sarah is a Pan African youth committed to serving the continent. She is a young professional, a Social Entrepreneur, and the Founder of The Afrikan Legacy. She is passionate about Investment in Youth and the active participation of Youth in implementing the development agendas of Africa and the world. Working Towards The Africa We Want.

Member, African Union Youth Volunteer Corps.
Young African Leaders Initiative YALI EA RLC Alumni.

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  1. hey Sarah,
    amazing wright up and very applicable recommondations, keep up the good work on the blog.
    Rutendo from Zambia.

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