Meet Samson Sanga. The founder of Tanzania Goodwill Preservation Limited [TGPL] which is an accredited Non Profit Company in Tanzania. His organization focus is to educate and sensitize the general public on matters pertaining to environmental conservation and waste management.

Samson has managed to start Environmental Clubs in Educational institutions in Morogoro Municipality, but also has an agent of waste management in Morogoro Municipality specifically in Kichangani ward which consists of 12 streets which helps local communities especially youth to identify opportunities available in waste management activities as well as environment conservation at large.


What influenced you to work in Environmental conservation and Waste Management as a non-profitable business instead of being employed?

Actually, this came as shock. Many of my family members and friends did not see this coming, but this is what I really wanted and kept running in my mind. My friends and I decided that after finishing our bachelor degree, it would be the perfect time to start implementing the idea in hand.

At first, it was not understandable by everyone because they expected me to look for a nice job. Not running up and down registering a non-profit organization. I wanted to prove that I wasn’t wrong and I know what I am doing for my community is the best idea and is what I like the most.

My hard-working, fruitful outcome and my contribution to the community allowed many people around me to change the way they look at what I am doing to see the good side of it and there is when they started to support.


What impact have you had in your community so far with the problems you’re working hard to address and solve?

I have successfully inaugurated and run environmental clubs in 10 secondary schools, 2 colleges and 2 universities in Morogoro, as well as an awareness program to the locals about waste management and their segregation in order to overcome diseases caused by environmental pollution such as malaria, cholera, diarrhoea and dysentery.



Apart from Environmental and climate change what else do you do?

Another thing I am dealing with is to provide awareness to the local community especially youth about the potentials opportunities available in tourism and hospitality industry. Our country is blessed with a lot of tourism potential. Ideally, it is viewed as the mega biodiversity country in the region thus named to be the second one in terms of attractions after Brasil. Despite these endowments, local communities had a notion which has been inherited from generation to generation that tourist are foreigners as the results of local communities not aware of employment opportunities available in tourism and hospitality industry. Therefore Tanzania Goodwill Preservation Limited aims to provide awareness programs in order for the local communities to be aware of the industry and its opportunities.



What do you think young Africans can do to change Africa’s legacy?

Not only African youth but I think this should start with parents and caregivers. Most young Africans are not able to follow their dreams just because parents have decided for them what to do. They also go far to disapprove what their children dream to achieve, start or become. This is a huge barrier that youth meet and thus cannot keep the African legacy. African youth are also supposed to be the positive thinkers and learn what other African legends did from the beginning up to now and use their success as a roadmap to build a new Africa in the coming years.


Where do you see Africa in next 10 years in the field of environment and clement change?

In the next ten years, Africa will be green due to the presence of various environmental activist championing environmental conservation as well as climate change.


Who are the few people that inspire you?

I have many people who really inspire me but for today I will mention these two because they have been my inspiration ever since.

Wangari Maathai: She was an environmentalist and political activist in Kenya and her contributions to environmental conservation to the local communities inspired me a lot. Not only that but also through her quotation about climate change which states that “You cannot protect the environment unless you empower people, you inform them and you help them to understand that these resources are their own and they must protect them

Myles Munroe: His motivational speech inspired me not to give up on what I am doing and to believe that whatever I do is possible.


What advice can you give to the youth that can help them add value to their communities?

Young people should not be afraid to start initiatives that can help to solve the problems facing local communities around them without hesitation or fear. They should also believe in what they are doing. Interaction or network with various stakeholders is very vital.



Do you love reading books? If yes, which book are you currently reading? What have you learnt so far? What inspired you to read this book? if no why?

Yes, the book I am currently reading is known as How to win Friends and Influence People. I have learned various things on how to interact and to have more friends, how to interact with staff in my organization and to influence local communities on what I am doing. The nature of activities I am doing inspired me to read this book because I want to  build more network as much as I can also I want to be more influential to the people or local communities so that they can understand well what I am doing


What else do you do for fun?

Playing and watching football as well as reading various books.


Thank you, Samson, for shaping the African Legacy. We salute you.


Interviewed by Tanzanian Chapter Lead Jackie Leonard Bomboma 



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