Meet Kevins Randiek, The young Kenyan Pan African who’s passion in life is to help people bring into line their beliefs in life. He achieves this through his facilitation, speaking engagements and creating life-transforming content.

Kevins is a journalist by training but he abandoned the trade for other roles. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and a Masters of Arts in Communication Studies. When he is not championing Humanitarianism, he is a Communications and Digital Consultant where he works for various brands in developing integrated communication and marketing brand plans in African markets adopted and localized for different markets based on local and consumer insights.

Kevins has created communication policy papers that have been adopted by governments for implementation. He has also presented a policy paper on why investment in Africa is key to create youth employment and push for eradication of poverty – SDG 1 at the United Nations Offices in New York.


What inspired you to do the work that you do?

The journey has not been easy, but if I can you too can. I always motivate myself that if there is any person that can change my tomorrow then it’s me, that gives me the urge to keep on pushing.

I somewhat never thought I will be doing what I am doing. After getting off my last role at Nation Media Group hastily, I got a role at a leading multi-national but I later left after 3 weeks I was in a real state of confusion and sabbatical. The journey was difficult I struggled to make myself rise up again, I was at points where I could not figure out what was going on with me. I thank God he has brought me this far. It wasn’t as if I had a plan of any sort but I realized that I wanted to do work that I was deeply passionate about. I wanted to create something that was bigger than me. Sometimes comfort needs to be challenged. That’s when you really experience life – I stepped into the unknown. Every day turned out different and every day I got myself playing a role that fulfils me.


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I learnt that ‘people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will not forget how you made them feel’Maya Angelou 1928-2014


Through a journey of self-discovery, I realized the world does not owe me a thing. In fact, I owe the world so much, so I leave it a better place than I found it. I have chosen human development through trainings to trigger lasting behavioural, inspirational and societal change through content creation. I love serving. Serving for me puts me in a daily journey where I look at being one who gives hope for the sun to rise and gives hope for the Sun to Set, I call it Sun Set and Dreams. Two years down the line I have worked with 3876 Youths.

Communication for development has made me acquire a broad range of skill and knowledge which is key in driving different societal agendas tackling Humanitarian Advocacy, Education, Rural Literacy among others. I have travelled the world sharing hope with fellow peers and showcasing Africa as a continent of opportunities. This was not the case when I served in a corporate setting. Nothing makes me feel more accomplished than when people tell me ‘Kevins that training that session enabled me to rise up again.’



What are some of the challenges you have faced?

Reinventing myself each and every day. I have had to reinvent myself a number of times in my career because things change.

Employing myself has been difficult but rewarding, it involves creating opportunities for others on a day to day basis. There are periods I have lacked the finances to sustain myself, all I did was wake up, dress up and show up.

Being someone who wants to make an impact, people view me as being superhuman. They forget that I am prone to making mistakes and at times require a shoulder to lean on. There are moments where I have just urged myself to be true to my vision.

My journey has taught me that to overcome difficulties. One needs to develop a thick skin and build mental strength. At some point, the battle is in the mind, what you feel and think dictates your next actions. I take failure and success moments in an even measure. Falling down happens, it’s not about the awards won or success points within a business. The key is to keep moving regardless of everything that did not go right. I used to be afraid of being outside my comfort zone. But the more experience I get the more uncomfortable I am being comfortable and that’s where my personal growth happens.

There were moments where I was cash-strapped and I had to pay dues, I would be a communication consultant in the day, a humanitarian in the day and at the same time a Taxi driver in the night. I don’t know how I did it but this really shaped my perspective on life.

You can’t discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.’

Some friends have cushioned me. (Can I give them a shout on this?  Sue, Hillar, Mike, and Christine. They know)

Bottom line you need not be on a routine for you to make it in life. At times the solution could just be you getting out of your comfort zone and exploring something new.


You have been doing a lot of work in your community in Kenya. Can you tell us more about it? 


I am Citi Bank Foundation Mentorship Volunteer – I have been part of this group since 2012. My focus always on girl child and boy child education.

Each year, tens of thousands of Citi volunteers, their friends and families join together for Global Community Day – an opportunity to use their time, skills and expertise to make a difference in their cities. I have been biased towards achieving equal status for both the boy and the girl child.

I mentor secondary school and campus students, through the Brand K Foundation which I lead. I hope to bridge the gap of knowledge that they lack by taking them through experiential learning sessions and talking sessions that cultivate inspiration and personal development to them.

I also serve as the Communications Chair Young African Leadership Initiative Alumni Chapter of Kenya. I oversee the continuous review of Alumni communication activities and implementation of the Alumni Communications Strategy



In your opinion, what do you think Africans can do to change Africa’s legacy?

The future of Africa is in the hand of young people. With 200 Million people aged between 15-24. Africa has the youngest population in the world.

With this in mind,  job creation and investments that support youth development is ideal. Thomas Sankara, Kwame Nkrumah, Nelson Mandela, will be remembered for generations to come. What’s key is how consistent young people will stay committed to pushing African dreams. When Job Creation focus is put into action, Africa’s legacy will be attained.

I have been selected by the Billgates Foundation to present on what measures need to be put in place to enhance job creation in Sub Saharan Africa. The key for me has been the use of Technology to champion investment opportunities that will advocate for youth employment and rural development.

What will future generations remember us for? That’s a question that disturbs my mind? What will I be remembered for when am long gone?

As young people of the current generation, we need to pursue sustainable and lasting change that will keep Africa’s dream consistent. You and I can do it.


What do you like to do for and fun other than saving the world?

I am a sports enthusiast. When I am not on a football pitch, I will be at rugby pitch. I also love travels. When my mind is settled, I will always hit the road to the countryside which is at the Lakeside of Bondo, Siaya County. I am an event junky too though I have toned down on events currently due to my complicated schedule. I also love listening to Radio than watching movies, I just don’t know how I turned that way.


If there was one thing that you know now and wish you knew back when you were in school, what would it be?

Building social relationships. I concentrated so much on school work and establishing a career that I missed out on building personal social relationships. I ignored dating, I am single. In a way, I find it difficult to date at the moment, you don’t know whether they are reaching out to you because of who you have become now or is it simply because of who you are personally. But I am loving the moments.


If you did not have to work for money today, what would you do?

I would be hosting a sports show on radio and Emceeing Events, I do it seamlessly with no struggle. Radio has been my passion while Emceeing is a gift that I discovered while I was grown up.


Who are the people that inspire you and why?

My Parents are my inspiration. They created a foundation that used to push me to where I am today. They invested much knowledge and wisdom. I will forever be grateful to them. At there prime age despite the challenges they still get up to work, Mom is farming while my dad runs a ‘Juakali Kiosk’. They are my inspiration. I know I am where I am because of their prayers. I am a walking testimony because of them. I love them to bits.

My Late Grandmom, how I dare forget. She believed in me when I did not believe in myself. At some point, she topped up my campus school fees. I mean she is my hero and I wish to do the same to future generations.

I missed out on Jonathan Odhong who works as a Communication and Knowledge Management Leader, Africa Rising West and East/Southern Africa Project at the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture. Jonathan is a peer who has managed to balance his family and two babies. I really love his family angle, and the role he is playing in pursuing Agriculture solutions in Africa, he motivates me. He is one person who did not give up on me and has never given up on me when I was down, I salute him.


What are you currently reading?

The Leaders Attitude by John Maxwell – I discovered John Maxwell books through a peer friend, I was preparing for a leadership training session. Johns books provide both mental and spiritual content which connects with me so much.


Thank you Kevins for shaping Africa’s Legacy. We celebrate you.


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