This article seeks to make a big promise. There are 6 must-haves in order to accomplish extreme achievement. They are meant to help young people from making unnecessary mistakes in their businesses and life in general.

Due to the harsh economic situations in different countries, we as the youth find ourselves jobless and we start to blame everyone else. We blame the country, politics, the economy, our background and even our parents. One thing we can do is to change our attitudes and intentions to reach our potential.


Here are the 6 must-haves that can help change your life as a youth trying to leave a legacy:


1. Clarity

For every young person to be successful, they must have clarity because this is the power, to be clear about what you want. You can be jobless, broke and wear the same clothes every day. But, the moment you become clear about what you want, something happens. That is confidence.

2. Confidence

Confidence is the second most essential and valuable thing to have. Without it, you are bound to fail. Do you remember during school days when you had to perform on stage? Without confidence, you would just freeze up. Losing is associated with people who lack confidence. Everything you have accomplished in your life is due to confidence. Confidence breeds the conditions for you to realise your abilities to make your desires happen. When you have a goal, there are always challenges to face.

The challenges are there to test you. They test your faith and your character. That is why you have to make moves that boost your confidence.

Successful people are confident. That is what makes them successful. As young people, we must get used to things that boost our confidence. Reading motivational books, inspirational blogs and attending seminars etc.

3. Circle of Influence

Confidence and the people in your circle of influence go hand in hand. The moment you finish reading an inspirational book that boosts your confidence and then you go hang around people who put you down, you will go back to the same level you were on before reading the book in the first place. They say if you want to be millionaire surround yourself with millionaires. The people you surround yourself with will influence who you become. If they are top performers, they will shape you into a top performer as well.


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4. Consistency

Gaining confidence, changing your circle of influence is not enough without consistency. Today you can be excited and confident but without consistency, you fall back to square one. Be consistent in your doing, aim to improve your mindset and your perspective constantly. I always say there is joy and happiness when you are moving towards your dream.

5. Rituals

Get the hang of things in knowing how to get your results. Create rituals that do not sway you away from your goals. Make sure you evaluate yourself night, every week and every month. Your actions are your rituals, they keep you on track.

6. Growth

New heights can only be achieved by continual learning and growth. When many young people reach a certain level, they tend to take a nap, a back seat and snooze. They stop growing and performing to the best of their ability. When you focus on growth you”ll stay motivated. Your learning is continuous.


By consistently rubbing shoulders with great people, you improve your life. You will also build faith, character, skills and will add value to your peers. Anything new is hard for everyone, but by taking baby steps towards your goals, you will leave a legacy.



Samuel Charandura is a catalyst for transformation, Founder and CEO of Legalrico. He is also published author, a human rights advocate and an entrepreneur.

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