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When you share the responsibility of carrying forward a great idea that has the potential to improve and transform lives, systems and conglomerates, you have to learn to delegate in order to effectively empower people.

Often times we fail to delegate because we lack confidence in ourselves, our work and even in those we work alongside. Sometimes it is because we fear sharing the locus of control because we feel we may lose control. Unfortunately, selfishness is also one of the reasons why we fail to delegate simply because we want all the credit to ourselves. Sometimes there is just no urgency to carry forth our work and we feel that no one will do a better job than we personally would so we reluctantly keep it to ourselves.

Delegation is important because not only does it ease our load and reduces stress, it multiplies utility, spikes creativity, gives opportunity and acts as a training ground for others to build capability and confidence; it empowers.

Here are a few basic tips for successful delegation:


  1. Prioritise:

Know exactly what you are doing and rank your tasks in order of urgency and importance

2. Match Needs To Availability And Ability:

Make sure you give out tasks and opportunities to those with the appropriate skills and determination, those that will be able to execute what is required.

3. Assign Responsibility:

Set clear scheduled deliverables and allocate them to those you identified in step 2, laying out clearly the tasks and your expectations of what is required.

4. Grant Authority:

You only really empower someone once you actually grant them the authority. Merely instructing them on what to do is not enough. Encourage them to take charge and be innovative. They must feel trusted.



Remember to establish a system of accountability to ensure the work being done is what ought to be done and that it is being done in the way it should. When you see that all is in order, do not turn a blind eye. Give praise where it is due, as this will build motivation and trust.

George Patton once said:

Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity. Click To Tweet


What are some of your experiences when it comes to delegating or not delegating? Do you have any further tips? Let us know in the comments section below.



Gift  Mbewe is an optimistic avid reader, researcher and Pan African who believes in the potential of Africa to a place of peace, pride and prosperity for every generation. She heavily invests her life in research, teaching, training, Networking and providing opportunities to diverse groups to contribute towards the fulfilment of their potential which she believes will have a direct ripple effect towards the fulfilment of human kinds potential and a better homestead.


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