6 Things to avoid when writing your Resume

Do not: Include your private information in your resume.It could cause your potential employer to make assumptions about you. This includes your gender, birthday etc. I say this because in this day and age, we still have to deal with a lot of age and gender based prejudice. Include anything negative about your previous employer.Nothing…

Resume Templates

Writing your resume can be a lot easier if you have a template to show you that you are on the right track. Spend time customising your Resume with our free templates. DOWNLOAD RESUME 1    DOWNLOAD RESUME 2   DOWNLOAD RESUME 3   DOWNLOAD RESUME 4   *Don’t forget to save* *Make sure you…

Writing your Resume

Writing a resume is something that may seem overdone and boring, but you would be surprised how many people haven’t grasped this skill. Even the most qualified candidate could loose out on a job opportunity with a poorly written resume. This article will help you take the time to clean up your resume and boost…

Cover Letter Samples

Do you need help writing a cover letter? Use the cover letter templates below to find inspiration. Cover Letter Sample 1 Cover Letter Sample 2 Cover Letter Sample – LinkedIn  *Don’t forget to save as* AdminWe encourage you to apply (or nominate a friend) for a feature interview. Become a content contributor and share your passions…

How To Write A Cover Letter

The cover letter you submit is usually the first thing your prospective employer will read as an introduction to your Resume. First impressions count, and for this reason alone, you should get it right. Which means learning how to write a formal letter of application that will grab your prospective employers attention. A well-written cover…

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