Meet Kevins Randiek, The young Kenyan Pan African who’s passion in life is to help people bring into line their beliefs in life. He achieves this through his facilitation, speaking engagements and creating life-transforming content. Kevins is a journalist by training but he abandoned the trade for other roles. He holds a Bachelor…


  Meet Samson Sanga. The founder of Tanzania Goodwill Preservation Limited [TGPL] which is an accredited Non Profit Company in Tanzania. His organization focus is to educate and sensitize the general public on matters pertaining to environmental conservation and waste management. Samson has managed to start Environmental Clubs in Educational institutions in Morogoro Municipality, but also…

How To Leave A Successful Legacy

  This article seeks to make a big promise. There are 6 must-haves in order to accomplish extreme achievement. They are meant to help young people from making unnecessary mistakes in their businesses and life in general. Due to the harsh economic situations in different countries, we as the youth find ourselves jobless and we…

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