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Circulating myths include the following: Everyone in Africa lives in trees or dilapidated mud huts; Everyone in Africa has Aids; Everyone in Africa is poor and will remain poor; All governance in Africa is of poor quality; Nothing good can come out of Africa, I will end here least I rapture one of my nerves in anguish towards this utterly retarded paradigm.

The birthplace of civilisation; carrier of the world’s longest river and largest island; home to both the world’s tallest and largest land animals; with literally every country amply resourced with precious minerals and so much agricultural potential, yes even in the desert areas. This is my Africa. She is bold, She is beautiful and she is endowed with such wealth and such greatness. This is my motherland.

I am a young African like many others. There are challenges I have faced and can identify with. There are also other ills that go beyond my radius and affect hundreds of young and old, challenges that affect my brothers and sisters across the borders of our motherland; Poverty, disease, war, exploitation among others. But can I say because I faced rejection, I am a reject? by no means. And can we say because there is tabulated poverty, that we are poor? by no means. I worry because many of my brothers and sisters from other lands have frozen the derogative notions of my Africa, and I feel they are convinced that we are heading towards accurate doom. Will there be a change, is there even a shimmering light?

Believe me when I tell you that there are countless things that excite me about my Africa, some of which I have brought to light and all these things make me believe in my Africa as they shine a ray of hope in the darkness that has seemingly covered our continent.

I believe that a matter is never really settled until all forms of influence are exhausted. I believe that though many of our resources have been exploited, they are not exhausted. I believe that though our people have toiled in distress for decades on end, they are not exhausted, I believe that though square miles have been assumed infertile and left barren, our agricultural potential has not been exhausted. I believe that though shortchanged, ridiculed, misjudged, misrepresented and mistrusted, we are a continent that still has so much potential, a continent that is not yet exhausted. A continent that can produce food for her people, a continent whose children possess and can apply the necessary expertise towards development and sustainability, a continent whose leaders are not managers, but faithful stewards. On this one, you can get me going for days because I believe that Afri-Can, and this is why I believe in Africa.

And so I want to be, and I invite many around me to believe in Africa, to be her children that do things to change the narrative of our continent. We must make the decision to not let our circumstances dictate our present and future realities, especially the not so pleasing ones.

We need to Unfreeze – Have a change of mindset, and believe that the best is all around us and that we can be better.

We need to Move – To stop having indabas that have no physical manifestation of planned steps, we must start effecting ideas for change

And then we must freeze – We must enshrine revolutionary transformative ideas, we must create our own Narrative that must be broadcasted in ripples of testimony.

Instead of complaining, we must find solutions for the ills that trouble us. We are not poor and helpless.

Build capacity in yourselves and purpose to step out towards what we can become

Gather and harness the resources around us efficiently.

Stop waiting for hand me downs, which are are what we have handed out

Realise the grave importance of feeding ourselves.

Realise the power of networks.

Decide to start with whatever you have.

Develop a culture of excellence

Realise that we are all part of a greater picture – and appreciate the presence of each other, that the man on the street, the lady in the kitchen are all important and have a unique contribution to the process.

We will be well on our way to taking Africa forward. Yes, there is so much to do but I dare say we have everything we need to make it happen, we have what it takes to create value for the motherland.

The hope for Africa lies in the aggression of this generation in endearing the motherland.

Believe in Africa because she is the dream.


Gift  Mbewe is an optimistic young lady who enjoys the simple things in life. She is an avid reader and researcher who has read in various fields among them: leadership, communication, international relations, geopolitics, human and national security and governance among others, in an effort to understand the systems and structures as the backbone of any progressive change.

She considers herself a Pan Africanist who sincerely believes in the potential of Africa to be great and to be a home of peace, of pride and prosperity for every generation today and in the days to come. She heavily invests her life in research, teaching, training, Networking and providing opportunities to diverse groups to contribute towards the fulfilment of their potential which she believes will have a direct ripple effect towards the fulfilment of human kinds potential and a better homestead.


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2 thoughts on “Believe In A Limitless Africa”

  1. The future of our continent lies in our hands. everyone has to get involved at every level. as a continent we have come far and we cant afford to slow down now. for a longtime now as a continent i feel we have left affairs of our continents welfare to few individuals – this has been dangerous. the masses has to get involved (we have to do business)
    Great write up = Gift

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