The Afrikan Legacy is a platform that celebrates young Africans who are contributing substantially to the advancement of their industries and societies.

It is a platform to inspire, empower and promote African youth by giving them a space to seek advice, guidance and tools they need to go about their journey as Africa’s next and current leaders. This platform was created not only to encourage young Africans to monopolise their opportunities but to also give them the resources they need to actively participate in advancing Africa’s Sustainable Development.

At The Afrikan Legacy, we believe in the achievement of SDG 4 – Quality Education and SDG 8- Decent Work and Economic Growth through investment in Youth.

We aim to contribute towards eradicating youth unemployment by assisting the youth with employability skills, entrepreneurship skills and more (Career guidance tools, Leadership tools etc).

It is a platform to network and learn from each other’s experiences in the corporate world, entrepreneurship world, our communities etc. by sharing success stories to learn from.

We believe that as Africa’s number one resource, young people must be given the opportunities to realise their true potential in contributing to the continent’s social and economic capital.

It is the time that we as young people realise our true potential and take the lead to invest in Africa’s sustainable development and our own development. We all need to actively invest in our development.

Enhance your purpose as AFRICA’ S NEXT GEN LEADERS.

Passionate Pan Africans created the Afrikan Legacy for youth across Africa with the intention of applying a youth lens in developing the continent.


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